Hello, my name is Tracy Brown and I am the owner and breeder at Brownwell
Kennels. I am located in Semmes, Alabama. Semmes is 20 miles west of Mobile,
Alabama. I have been involved with Springers since 1987.  I purchased my first
Springer and have been in love with the breed ever since. Her name was Brown's
Angel Duchess McDuff. I have had many springers since, but she still holds a
special place in my heart.
Please read this section...It applies to my dogs or anyone else's who you my be
looking at for a prospective pup.
All dogs, like people, have different personalities. With careful breeding you can
determine what personality they will have. I only breed my dogs that have excellent
temperaments. All of the springer puppies here are raised in my home until three weeks
old, then they are moved outside to learn and grow. They are socialized with my family
and other pets. I encourage folks to visit and see my adults. If you are looking for a
new member for your family, you should pay close attention to the parents. Most of
the time the pups will take after one or both of the parents. Be sure to ask about the
health of the parents and the grandparents. Try to spend some time with the parents,
see how they get along with other pets, children and your family. Be sure to ask lots of
questions! Most Springers love the outdoors and water. Mine would rather run and
swim than anything else. Springers are very energetic and love attention. They do not
do well being left alone for many hours, because of their love for people.
Feel free to contact me if you have a question. I will try to answer or find
someone who can answer for you, whether you have one of my dogs or someone
elses. A good breeder should be there to answer or help with any questions.
Please enjoy looking at my dogs and please take the time to sign my guestbook
when you are through. If you have any questions please call or email.
Please click on the  names below to see the individual dog's
Stefhan, Me, Sam, Trixie, Kaitlin, Bama, Millie, Sophie, Prints
My daughter, Miranda, and Sam and Kaitlin
I feed and recommend
Diamond Premium Adult dog
food for all adult English
Springer Spaniels
I feed and recommend Purina Pro
Plan puppy food for my pregnant
and nursing females and all of my
puppies. This is what I would like
for any of the pups bought from me
to be continued feeding. Although I
know that people have their own
preferences. Just make sure that
you choose a quality food for your
(Please click on the puppy food bag
to read more about this food.)
or call me
Pictures of Moms before pups were born
Kaitlin, Millie, Sophie, Prints
Sophie's daughter Maggie, on one
of her hunting trips.
More pictures of Maggie
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A previous litter of puppies
Please be sure to sign my guestbook!
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to what you have to say or answer your
questions, send me an email.
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I don't have
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